Over the past dozen years, we’ve been admiring Rapala’s annual creative billboard campaign that continues to maintain the same eye-catching look and feel.

Love the white canvas, the red stylized Rapala brand name, the Original Floating lure, and a creative and often humorous attention-getting term or phrase in black ink, sandwiched in between (and hooked by) the lure and the brand name:

In case you’re wondering, I’ve listed my 2021 favorites in order above, with “Smooth whopperator” receiving top marks, presumably blending an eclectic nod to this song and catching a “whopper” (or telling a “whopper” as anglers are known to do). Also could be a reference to that large burger brand.

But probably not this beer brand, based on this candy brand? And hopefully not to be confused with this registered Whopper Plopper® brand lure.

Which Rapala billboard is catching your attention in 2021?