Sometimes if you blink you can miss a trademark infringement suit from beginning to end. Well, ok, that’s probably a slight exaggeration.

In case you missed the news reports from June, Accenture sued rival Deloitte for trademark infringement, asserting that Deloitte’s use of the slogan HIGH PERFORMANCE.AMPLIFIED. infringed on Accenture’s prior federally-registered rights in HIGH PERFORMANCE. DELIVERED. A copy of the complaint is here.

To the extent you saw the news and have been wondering about status, well it’s over, as of a few weeks ago. A copy of Accenture’s voluntary dismissal of the action is here.

Presumably Deloitte figured time is money and decided to “fastforward” getting back to business without the Amplified slogan, but the exact terms of the resolution have not been disclosed.

One term that is probably safe to assume was included is a confidentiality provision — no press releases about the resolution can be found on either of the consulting firm’s websites.

  • Trademark infringement. Amplified? The complaint doesn’t mention a cease and desist letter; instead, there is this lawsuit with zero pushback from Deloitte (not even an answer) and a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it settlement. That suggests a “mea culpa” response from Deloitte, even if it’s under wraps.

    Maybe Accenture fired off this slam dunk quickly to publicly declare Deloitte’s transgression, get some press for the case, and get an easy W in the enforcement column for a mark Accenture claims as famous? After all, a routine cease and desist letter complied with privately would be downright boring, not embarrass Deloitte much, and have less significance in the history of the mark. Just speculating, but the circumstances of this case seems like a strength-of-the-mark building exercise to me, rather than a contested case of infringement where only a court’s intervention would do.