Brent Carlson-Lee

I’m a huge supporter of the growing food entrepreneur community in Minnesota, and am amazed by the number of the great products that are now on shelves in grocery stores and co-ops across the country.

Bee Free Honee, an all-natural, plant-based honey substitute.

Seven Sundays, an all-natural gourmet muesli.

Philia Foods, a ridiculously good feta spread.

But every once in a while, I need to scratch my head.

Consider this product available at Lund’s. Cocky Pop, a “caramel coated popcorn infused with cashews, pecans and almonds.”

Sound familiar?

Poppycock® is “a decadent blend of Orville Redenbacher’s® light, fluffy popcorn and premium whole nuts — all covered in a sweet, indulgent glaze,” produced by ConAgra Foods®.

So, we have a knock-off product that appears to be blatantly trading off of a registered trademark of a $15 billion company.

And did you happen to notice the name of company that produces Cocky Pop?

We Are Nuts…yeah, I’d say.