Brent Carlson-Lee 

When you hear the phrase “taste the rainbow,” you’ll likely think of Skittles as it is the tagline for the candy’s long-running campaign (since 1994). The Creative Criminals website has compiled over 40 ads.

So, when I saw this package of mini peppers at the grocery store it caught my eye.


First of all, I immediately noticed the use of Skittles’ registered trademark (although this is Class 31). Secondly, does the color of a pepper really affect its taste? So I created a little experiment. I was able to perceive a small difference in taste, perhaps only because I wanted to validate the abilities my refined palate much as a sommelier identifies the terroir of a fine wine.

Interestingly, Skittles lovers debate whether there is actually a “rainbow of flavors “ or if all Skittles colors taste the same. While the debate lingers on, you can try for yourself.