In typical DuetsBlog tradition, here is Rapala’s 2015 billboard for the fishing opener, albeit a few weeks late:


I’ll have to admit, I like the telescoped Minnocchio word, and the consistent graphic display from past years, but my head is feeling pretty wooden at the moment, so I need your help, because I’m totally stumped by these questions about the point of the billboard advertisement:

  1. Is Rapala promoting a new lure made of wood named Minnocchio?
  2. Does this new lure come equipped within a fresh bed of wood shavings?
  3. Could Rapala be promoting that its lures are hand-crafted by Geppetto?
  4. Are they really hand-crafted? I’m thinking not, so let’s try another angle.
  5. Pinocchio is known for telling tall tales, so do the preceding questions qualify?
  6. If the point of the billboard is about lies, isn’t Rapala the only one speaking here?
  7. Should we be concerned about Rapala’s comfort with the truth about its product claims?
  8. Does Rapala believe that anglers from Minnesota are prone to telling tall tales?
  9. Do the minnows caught using Rapala lures grow when discussed around the campfire?
  10. Is there really no point intended by the billboard, except to provide useful blog-fodder?

Perhaps my density today is heavier than a hunk of snakewood, so please feel free to enlighten me, I really don’t get it. Dear readers, please feel free to grow the list of questions in the comment section.