The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is currently running this advertisement from a local law firm highlighting its “Total Partnership” program (BTW, love the website video, linked here):NilanAirportAlthough the use of the term “trademarked” will make more than a few trademark types cringe, NLJ we know what you mean, so no worries, especially with these gems from the archives:

What Does “Trademarked” Mean to You?

A Few Trademark Grammar School Facts

What Does “Trademark” Mean to You?

IP Grammar . . . and Those Who Cringe About It

Yet, I’m left wondering about the use of the word “partnership” in the advertisement and service mark — I remember the days when law firms were very concerned about giving the impression that they were entering into “partnerships” with others, are those days gone?

Apparently so, as these third-party legal service mark registrations appear to demonstrate:

Partners to Industry

Know Greater Partnership

Your Global Business Partner for Chemical Law and Science

Trusted Partners

Our Most Important Partner is You

Your Global IP Partner

The Power of a Strategic Partner

The Perfect Legal Partner

Partners for Justice

Innovation Partners

A Better Partnership

Partnering for Worldwide Value

Partnering for Success

Where Every Client is a Partner

Partners for Your Business

Some where along the way, it appears the legal industry has moved from concern to cliche, at least with respect to use of the P-word.