We’re humbled and honored to share some exciting news about an accolade just announced today.

For the second year in a row, we have been recognized as the Top law firm writing on Trademarks.

Actually no other law firm has received this particular honor before, as it only has been around two years. I’m speaking about the Trademarks category, recognized by JD Supra, a very large online platform that helps distribute our content and the content of almost 50,000 authors last year.

The list of contributors to the JD Supra platform is quite impressive, and the multitude of law firms that contribute to it include many of the largest in the world, so we’re in pretty good company, especially if law firm size is to be considered an important factor or unit of measurement.

Some of you have found us through JD Supra, some through LinkedIn, some Twitter, and others have been with us since the beginning, more than 9 years ago, finding us the old fashioned way.

However you found us, welcome aboard, and dear readers, thanks for helping us continue to prove that “we punch well above our weight class” — we’re so happy to have you join us on this journey!

UPDATE: The Godard Group did a helpful piece summarizing advice from recognized thought leaders, here.