We’ve been stalking Kevin O’Leary’s nutty Mr. Wonderful trademark application, for a while now.

In April, we thought the USPTO would refuse registration of Mr. Wonderful for nuts, based on this:

In June, we were shocked to see the USPTO missed issuing the obvious refusal, and in August, we noted and reported that The Wonderful Company LLC had filed an Extension of Time to Oppose.

Just last month, O’Leary’s trademark counsel filed a Request for Express Abandonment of the Mr. Wonderful trademark application, and the USPTO promptly issued a Notice of Abandonment.

One of O’Leary’s most famous lines from Shark Tank seems to fit this very moment, as we mourn the loss of O’Leary’s Mr. Wonderful trademark application for roasted nuts, with a popular meme:

  • Jon


    • stevebaird

      Thanks Jon, “you’re” correct, and please know that I debated using one of the other existing correctly-spelled memes, but decided to use the above mispelled one, as it had the critical “Mr. Wonderful” graphic that the others didn’t. In linking to where it came from, I hoped that would help indicate I appreciated the typo, but given the number of folks who have reached out on this one, I’m reminded and very thankful for the diligence of our careful and smart readers, thanks for your comment!