– Draeke Weseman, Weseman Law Office, PLLC

The reason Bhargava has won is that he plays tough. Sitting in that cemetery are a dozen or so neon copycats with names like 6-Hour Power and 8-Hour Energy. Each has been sued, bullied or kicked off the market by Living Essentials’ lawyers. In front of each are

Tim, after shopping at Costco over the weekend, the reason why the 5-Hour Energy folks seem so interested in owning “Hours of Energy Now” became more apparent:

Does Costco’s Kirkland brand energy drink packaging specimen demonstrate trademark use of the phrase “Hours of Energy Now!” better than those provided by the 5-Hour Energy folks?

As some of you might have noticed last week, a billboard advertisement in North Carolina appeared to show a scorned woman calling out her spouse for infidelity:

This billboard was followed sometime later by a different message:

Despite what should have been relatively clear evidence that this was intended to be a publicity stunt for Yodaddy’s, significant confusion initially existed among the media and the public as to the original intentions behind the messages.  See, for example, here.  Now this “scorned wife” billboard is not a new idea.  Indeed, snopes.com–a website dedicated to confirming our debunking urban myths–documented a similar, but more elaborate stunt, back in 2006.Continue Reading Ethically Challenged?