By Debbie Laskey, MBA

In the United States, July is the month when we celebrate Independence, specifically on the Fourth of July. While many retail stores promote “Independence Day” sales that last more than just one day, we can all recall automobile sales advertised on TV and radio called “Independence Day Sales” but start

– Nancy Friedman, Wordworking

In mid-June JetBlue, which since its first flights in 2000 had been a single-class “value” airline, introduced its version of first-class service. To signal this departure—forgive the pun—it didn’t give the service a category name such as JetBlue Business. Nor did it follow its own naming conventions and build on the

–Dan Kelly, Attorney

Every once in a while, a really solid advertising campaign comes along that stands out among its peers.  There is obviously no accounting for taste, but one characteristic that attracts me is timelessness — timelessness as opposed to trendiness, whether that be embodied in a gag, a joke, a celebrity endorsement, or