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The Pancake Disillusion

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– James Mahoney, Razor’s Edge Communications It was a sunny day, and Richard Milhous Nixon was inspecting the troops.  He came within spitting distance of the photographer pen, where I was babysitting some press people. “Holy cowpat!” I thought.  “The President is wearing make-up!” Sure enough, Nixon had more pancake on his face than Aunt… Continue Reading

Lacking Credibility

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I’ll have to say, I really enjoyed Aaron Keller’s guest post from yesterday. In addition to the valuable insights he provided, it got me thinking about some perhaps unrelated, but parallel topics of likely interest to legal and marketing types. Aaron wrote about the importance of a brand being honest with itself and others. He expressed the need… Continue Reading

Does Your Branding Pass The SNIFF Test?

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—Anthony Shore, Operative Words Let’s be honest: There’s a lot of bullshit in branding. It’s a pity — and it’s a threat. Because today, brand or marketing communications exuding any whiff of bull will be distrusted, discredited and derided by today’s cynical audiences. And no audience is more cynical than the 18-34 years-olds — the… Continue Reading

Total Recall

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by Randall Hull of The Br@nd Ranch® AKA: "Oh What a feeling". Unless you have been on a trek to one of the poles or living in a cabin deep in the woods somewhere, you have likely heard about the huge problem facing Toyota Motor Corporation and its U.S. organization Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc…. Continue Reading

Tiger’s Personal Brand of Apology?

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Putting aside the questions of whether Tiger Woods needed to or should have made a public apology, the timing of it, and even the content of it, now that Brand Tiger made the decision to do so and did so last Friday, I’m interested more with how Tiger conveyed it and the likely impact it will have on his personal… Continue Reading

Are Your Business Signs and Brand on the Same Page?

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Hopefully you enjoy riddles. It is late Sunday afternoon, 4:30 pm to be exact. Too early for valet parking at Fogo de Chao, a wonderful Brazilian steakhouse, so you drive two blocks and enter a parking lot with the following sign: You had a very nice dinner and now you’re ready to leave the parking lot… Continue Reading