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Are You Ready for The Battle at First Avenue?

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The anticipation is building for this inaugural battle of the bands to raise money for a great cause: “The Twin Cities advertising and communications industry lacks diversity. It’s a serious challenge. And it’s a problem that won’t be solved overnight. But there’s no reason we can’t have a little fun as we work to ensure… Continue Reading

On Mastering U.S. Trademark Registration

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For those interested in learning more about the valuable benefits of federal trademark registration and how to successfully navigate the registration process at the USPTO, it’s time to mark your calendars for an upcoming educational opportunity in Minneapolis on Tuesday February 16, 2016. Here is the official brochure for the event, here is an online… Continue Reading

USA Today Lends Credibility to Airline Rules?

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Imagine my surprise this morning, after having blogged just yesterday about rote airline instructions concerning the danger of electronic devices in Lacking Credibility, to see the cover story for USA Today read: "Many Fliers Refuse to Turn Off Electronic Gadgets." Incidentally, not this Gadget, but that’s another story altogether. Recall that yesterday, in writing about the… Continue Reading

Thinking About Where to Think . . . .

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Our friend Jorg over at the Idea Peepshow wrote earlier this week about the importance of taking the time to think — how true. It’s good to know that Jorg’s 1949 Ford tractor serves a greater purpose than simply helping him mow the grass at his country orchard; it provides a suitable place/vehicle to Just Think. And,… Continue Reading

Who Owns a Dead Brand?

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– John Reinan, Senior Director at Fast Horse, a Minneapolis marketing agency I love “orphan” cars — the marques that have gone out of business. Most of them are barely remembered by Baby Boomers, much less anyone younger. Packard, Hudson, Nash, Studebaker, Willys – these and other automakers often were stylistically and technically more advanced… Continue Reading

The Real Taco Bell Skills Challenge

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—George Fiddler, Client Relationship Manager, Fast Horse Inc. Last Saturday night I watched the entire 2011 Taco Bell Skills Challenge, an NBA All-Star competition that puts some of the league’s best point guards through an obstacle course of shooting, passing and dribbling. I somehow turned the tube off thinking about trends in modern crisis communication… Continue Reading

Face Job?

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– John Reinan, Senior Director at Fast Horse, a Minneapolis marketing agency Let’s face it: Social media are taking over the world. And the biggest social medium of them all, Facebook, is well on the way to grabbing a premier piece of trademark turf. Facebook has applied for a trademark on the word “face” when… Continue Reading

PING Golf Plays Nice, Profits from Trademark Deal with Apple

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  —Andrew Miller, Intern, Fast Horse Inc. In terms of name recognition, PING is to golf what Louisville Slugger is to baseball, so you’re right if you found it odd Apple would name its new music-based social network, of all things, Ping. Apple is no stranger to trademark litigation after wrangling with Cisco (“iPhone”) and… Continue Reading