More on single color trademarks today. Eighteen months ago, Wolf Appliance obtained a federal trademark registration in connection with "a red knob or knobs" of "domestic gas and electric cooking appliances, namely, ranges, dual-fuel ranges, cooktops, and barbeque grills."

Wolf put its registration to the test a couple of weeks ago in a federal

The October/November issue of Brand Packaging magazine just hit the streets and I’m deeply honored to say that my piece entitled "A Trademark Touch: Strategies for Owning and Protecting Touchmarks" is this issue’s "cover story" (minus the skull and crossbones).

The digital version can be read here. I hope you find it

–Dan Kelly, Attorney

Do you recognize this logo?

Does it make you hungry?  Ok, maybe not.

Let’s try some word associations instead.  I’ll list some words, and you just shout out the first thing that comes to mind for each one:





How’d you do?  The answer to this mystery is after the jump . . .

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