The October/November issue of Brand Packaging magazine just hit the streets and I’m deeply honored to say that my piece entitled "A Trademark Touch: Strategies for Owning and Protecting Touchmarks" is this issue’s "cover story" (minus the skull and crossbones).

The digital version can be read here. I hope you find it eye-opening in a tactile kind of way.

By the way, I’d love some feedback on it.

What is your favorite touchmark anyway?

  • Great Article. DuetsBlog is sensational and esp. on this topic.
    What is your favorite touchmark anyway?
    Still contemplating but High on the Top Ten List is
    a freshly wrapped and cooked Double Double at In ‘n Out
    Burger. Thank you and Bon Appetit !

  • Enjoyed this, Steve!
    My two favorite touchmarks come from the “spirit” world:
    1) Knob Creek…aahhh, the “water bottle” bourbon! Just as soothing, too. I remember first buying this as a gift from Wally’s in West LA for friends in Bhutan. I was traveling there, and my hosts requested a good bourbon. Knob Creek was the most risk-free packaging for a long “in-suitcase” journey. Remarkable? Nah. Touchmarkable? Right on. P.S. It represented this country deliciously well!
    2) Domaine de Canton: I like ginger-based products, but as a self-professed packaging junkie, I bought this for the bottle alone. It reminds me of those squeezable stress relievers that you grip in your hand. I loosely derive some “functionality” from the dual uplifting effects it provides when a) sipping and b) used as a hand weight (full, of course), but maybe that’s just me.

  • Great article, Steve. I can’t say I have a favorite touchmark, but now that my interest has been triggered, I’ll be looking, or touching, for one.