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The 50% Solution

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–James Mahoney, Razor’s Edge Communications Years ago, I was washing my hands in the office men’s room. Next to me was a wheelchair-bound guy washing his at the appropriately lower sink. I was thinking that the lower sink was a good idea when I noticed that the paper towel dispensers were all at “regular” height…. Continue Reading

Elements of “Top 100” Packaging Designs

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The Dieline posted their top 100 packaging designs of 2011 this week. Go on, check it out. It’s a great list, full of iconic and not-so-well-known brands. And, it’s a good lesson in marketing. If your business is one that sells a product, encased in some kind of packaging, I strongly suggest taking notes on… Continue Reading

Touchmarks, Trademarks & Tixels

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Augmented Legality writes: "Soon, technologies that augment our sense of touch may lead to a rush of trademark applications seeking to protect a wide variety of artificial textures." Brian Wassom goes on to identify an interesting new technology being promoted by Senseg, a Helsinki-based company that apparently knows a lot about tixels (tactile pixels): "Senseg E-Sense makes use… Continue Reading

A Trademark Touch: Owning and Protecting Touchmarks

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The October/November issue of Brand Packaging magazine just hit the streets and I’m deeply honored to say that my piece entitled "A Trademark Touch: Strategies for Owning and Protecting Touchmarks" is this issue’s "cover story" (minus the skull and crossbones). The digital version can be read here. I hope you find it eye-opening in a… Continue Reading