In this edition of AlphaWatch, it appears another major brand owner is flirting with truncation and wants to be g too (of course, not to be confused with G2 or even G for that matter), despite the fact that the products associated with each brand might be considered complementary (assuming you’re looking to break a sweat):

So, guess who appears to be working on developing their own family or series of lil’ g marks (of course, not to be confused with another’s G Series)? Visual answer below the jump:


So far, no federal trademark applications appear to be on file, so how serious can they b with g?

These are the only alpha marks I could find on the USPTO database for Gap, so there appears to b, let’s say, a serious gap in their trademark coverage:


Hat tip to Nancy Friedman of Fritinancy Blog.

So, what do you think about this recent branding truncation strategy for Gap’s new fitness line for women, will it be a successful business move?

And, from a legal perspective, is Gatorade likely to object? If so, would they have a leg to stand on?