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Branding Stories Around The Lack of Memory

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I’ve been meaning to write about a TV commercial for a while, but I keep forgetting to do it. Perhaps I need the very product being advertised in the commercial, because what gained my attention was the clever tagline following the brand name: Prevagen. The Name to Remember. Given the goods being sold, it struck… Continue Reading

Touch Trademark Update

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‘Tis the Season for billboard ads like this, sorry Nancy. Anyway, it reminded me of a very early post of mine on touch trademarks, here on DuetsBlog. That early blog post noted Diageo’s federally-registered purple bag non-traditional trademark, and that a third party had slipped in at the USPTO to federally register a velvet touch… Continue Reading

Trademark Hooliganism

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A day doesn’t go by without my GoogleAlert spotting another online reference to some purported example of “trademark bullying.” It seems like just about any private assertion of trademark infringement will trigger the use of the term as a very public knee-jerk response. As you know, we’ve spilled a lot of ink, writing about the topic… Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Elephants

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—Nancy Friedman, chief wordworker, Wordworking If you’re a serious bargain hunter or antique collector in the San Francisco Bay Area, your calendar is blocked out every year in early March for the region’s biggest flea market: the Oakland Museum of California’s White Elephant Sale, or “WES.” The sale started modestly more than 50 years ago… Continue Reading

When it Comes to Guest Blogging: Fine or Just Fine?

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In many contexts of our life experience, "fine" sadly seems to have drifted toward embodying mediocrity. Consider this all too common dialogue: "How are you?" "Oh, I’m fine."  Or, perhaps, "Just fine." Translation: "O.K.," "average," "acceptable," "passable," "satisfactory," "I can’t complain," "I’ve been better," or maybe "could be much better" . . . . After all, how interested or… Continue Reading

Aveda, Aveida

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—Nancy Friedman, Chief Wordworker at Wordworking and author of Fritinancy Imagine my surprise—as a name developer, beauty-brand fan, and trademark aficionada—when I saw this sign in my Oakland, California, neighborhood back in March. It wasn’t the prospect of a new nail spa that piqued my interest; our local commercial strip already has dozens of mani-pedi… Continue Reading

A Guest Post for the Rest of Us

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—Nancy Friedman, Chief Wordworker at Wordworking; and author of Fritinancy Like you, I’m counting the days. Unlike you, perhaps, my countdown ends Thursday, with Festivus, the holiday “for the rest of us” popularized by Seinfeld more than a decade ago and kept alive through endless syndication—and through some impressive efforts on the marketing and legal… Continue Reading

Primitive & Impolite, But Non-Vulgar Trademark & Naming Technique?

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On a recent pilgrimage to my home town to visit the University of Iowa and to see the Hawkeyes play football again in hallowed Kinnick Stadium, I discovered that a rather rudimentary and perhaps impolite (or potty mouth), yet passionate (sorry Nancy) branding technique, is alive and kicking in Iowa City. I also learned what now appears to go hand-in-hand (or, perhaps leg-in-hands as… Continue Reading

GeeWhiz: Another Edition of Trademark AlphaWatch

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In this edition of AlphaWatch, it appears another major brand owner is flirting with truncation and wants to be g too (of course, not to be confused with G2 or even G for that matter), despite the fact that the products associated with each brand might be considered complementary (assuming you’re looking to break a sweat): So,… Continue Reading

Mastering Your Domain

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—Nancy Friedman, Chief Wordworker at Wordworking; and author of Fritinancy “All the good ones are taken!” Without fail, that’s the lament I hear most frequently from my naming clients. They’re not complaining about legally available trademarks—they’re talking about Internet domains. They want short ones: five letters would be nice. (Uh-huh.) They want “clean” ones: no… Continue Reading

Sharing Accolades

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We are humbled to share some more exciting news with you. Invesp’s list of the Top 100 Branding Blogs includes DuetsBlog, here. Thank you very much! OnlineDegree Blog has named the 50 Best Blogs for Creative Thinking, and ranked DuetsBlog as #10 on the list. Many thanks for the kind words and the strong vote of confidence!… Continue Reading

Name That (Zombie) Brand

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Losing a trademark challenge is bad news, right? It’s costly, it’s embarrassing, and it can damage a brand’s reputation. And yet in one well-known instance, losing a trademark challenge didn’t hurt a brand at all. In fact, it ensured the brand’s immortality. The product name I’m thinking of existed for just three years in the… Continue Reading

The D-Word: What Ever You Do, Don’t “Describe” Your Brand!

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Frequently brand owners find themselves in the position of wanting or needing to explain the thinking behind their name, mark, and/or brand. Sometimes the explanations appear publicly on product packaging, websites, catalogs, brochures, advertising, and frequently in press releases, or perhaps in statements to reporters, especially when trademark litigation concerning the brand is involved. Such explanations about the brand’s… Continue Reading

The P-Word

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It’s a jungle out there in corporate America. A hot, steamy, ardent, passionate jungle. You’ve seen the evidence. Whole Foods is hiring “people with a passion for healthy living.” Bose seeks “people with a passion for innovation.” The South Florida Water Management District wants “good people with a passion for water.” Grant Thornton is looking… Continue Reading