The answer is, apparently not. This falls under the category of, some things aren’t what they seem to be, or maybe they are just that, so let me try to explain.

Blog posts don’t always turn out the way you might think at the start, and this one is a perfect example of how they can surprise even the writer and result in a 180 degree turn, at times. In this case, I left the title of the post as originally conceived, to make a small point.

Something struck me as notable and funny about this Wefest billboard advertisement in the middle of December positioned above piles of snow, especially since the annual outdoor Wefest 2010 summer concerts concluded four months ago and the 2011 Wefest event is eight months away:

Indeed, on the heels of blizzard conditions in Minnesota this past weekend, and on the very same day it was decided that the Vikings v. Giants NFL football game would be moved to Detroit because of the sudden collapse of the snow-covered Metrodome roof, a/k/a/ Mall of America Field (current home of the Minnesota Vikings), I couldn’t resist snapping this photo.

My mistakes include, at least, the following:

  • Assuming Wefest wouldn’t be buying a billboard ad eight months prior to their next concert;
  • Assuming that ClearChannel couldn’t find an advertiser to replace what I misunderstood to be the billboard for the 2010 Wefest concerts in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota;
  • Not attending Wefest 2010 where I could have seen and heard live and in concert Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Montgomery Gentry, Eric Church, and Joe Nichols;
  • Assuming Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, and Miranda Lambert already performed at Wefest in 2010; and
  • Underestimating the power of concert tickets as stocking stuffers for Christmas 2010.

My remaining small point: I still think it would be a good idea to provide the year 2011 (i.e., Wefest 2011) on the billboard, for clarity, just in case I’m not the only one who assumed it was a billboard ad that had lingered without a replacement since August of this year.