The New Year will be ringing in a brand new trademark truncation, ironically caused by a recent expansion.

Just so you know, it’s not a new type of Gatorade (G01, G2, and G03), excuse me, G.

So, what can this latest trademark truncation represent?


Apparently, the truncating trademark owner has not yet secured the most obvious domain,, because it’s for sale, by someone apparently located in Russia.

Answer below the jump.

Here’s the soon to be retired logo, with the very clever negative space, representing the addition of Penn State, years ago now:

The Big Ten Conference’s new B1G logo story here, caused by the recent addition of Nebraska for 2011 and beyond.

Let’s just say, the new logo isn’t receiving rave reviews. Pitiful New Year’s Day piling on here.

For Dan’s take on the Big Ten’s rebranding, see here.

Being a trademark type, can anyone explain to me why there have been no trademark applications for the B1G mark filed by the Big Ten Conference, to date?