–Susan Perera, Attorney


While passing through the bakery at our local grocery store I noticed this sign for HD Donuts. Donuts in high definition you ask? Nope, they’re just highly delicious.

Does it seem like every brand owner is trying to take advantage of the HD hype these days?

Even those brands that have nothing to do with High Definition television seem to be coming up with ways to use HD and “high definition” as part of their brand. For example, maybe you have run across Wilsonart HD countertops or Timberline’s HD shingles. These building material brands both use HD as an acronym for high definition.

And then there are the brands that use HD as an acronym for something other than High Definition but still seem to be jumping on the HD bandwagon. For example, Qwest has been advertising its Qwest HD Internet, where HD stands for “heavy duty”… whatever that means.

What are your thoughts on all these HD names? Are consumers attracted to these unorthodox uses of HD?