It’s Thanksgiving—we’ve all got food on the brain. I’m sure we can agree that Thanksgiving is a great excuse to take in excessive calories of turkey and cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie…(yum). Sweet potatoes. Green beans…Anyway…where was I? Oh yes. Excuses.

Since Thanksgiving is one of those few times a year most of America is “on the same page,” reach out. Tell your contacts why you’re thankful; ask them what they are thankful for. Interact! Make it personal. It’s a great excuse to reach out to your clients. And, if you do it in a way that’s personal, authentic and meaningful—your clients will respond.

My friend Gina Furia Rubel had a great post on her blog this week about giving thanks all year long. She’s right-on about sending personalized, handwritten thank-you notes—they do stand out above mass emails. I know that not all of you are able to write the hundreds (or thousands) of notes to all of your clients. But consider it. Even if your company sends out greetings, there is no harm in following-up with a handwritten note. (For the record, large numbers can be done: I know an attorney who will write around 500 cards to his clients. All handwritten.)

From all of us at DuetsBlog and Winthrop & Weinstine, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! We are so thankful for your readership, your support, and your ideas!

[thanks to jgarber on flickr for the image]