This roadside sign near exit 115 on Interstate 94 in Wisconsin was hard to resist capturing.

My first thought: I hope more care goes into the tattoo removal process than it took to create the cold, basic sign shown here.

And, hearing how painful tattoo removal is, the stark blood red letters don’t demonstrate an interest to calm or sooth prospective customers, apparently what you see is what you get.

My second thought: As Aaron Keller of Capsule already has shared, anyone who has been through the naming process probably “has the scars to prove it,” so, what about re-branding — is that more like the even worse pain of removing a tattoo?

Not necessarily, at least for serious trademark owners, who do the things serious trademark owners do.

Last thought: Dentists seem far more concerned with the need to relax the nerves of their patients. Maybe it’s all about knowing your demographic. I’ve met a lot of dentists over the course of my life, but never a tattoo artist, so I’ll admit to shooting in the dark here.