(The) INTA was not in the cards this year, as Hong Kong would have been a very long flight, and besides, Boston (Strong) prevailed instead, to feed my insatiable hunger for creative inspiration at HOW Design Live 2014.

Barbara Walters, (the) Oprah, step aside, here comes Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands:

This interview was thoroughly enjoyable, Seth’s generous spirit and his numerous incites were truly inspiring.

As Seth put it, Debbie went “straight to the ninth inning” in asking why reading The Lorax brings him to tears, but he resisted them in his answer this morning, explaining to thousands that this Dr. Seuss classic leaves him thinking carefully about the importance of being a good “steward of the Earth” for future generations.

Fear and the lizard brain were discussed much, and Seth noted his “most profound” quote to be: “Anxiety is nothing but re-experiencing failure in advance.” Profound indeed. Since fear is hard-wired and it cannot be completely avoided for those who are sane, Seth recommends learning to, and pressing on, to “dance with the resistance.” So, when it shows up, “we welcome it, we dance with it.”

In discussing Seth’s view that “effort isn’t the point, impact is,” he encouraged others to avoid “wandering generalities” (credit, Zig Ziglar), and ask youself: “What is the smallest thing I can master?” Then, build from there. This is not the first time Seth has argued to make it smaller. I suspect doing so also will help to tame the lizard brain in all of us.

Last, when asked by a member of the audience what the bravest thing is that he has ever done, it was an easy answer, no close seconds, Seth remarked: “Having kids.” Amen to that.

Thanks Debbie, thanks Seth, for sharing with all of us . . . .

On my reading list, now:

V is for Vulnerable, Stop Stealing Dreams, Self-Portrait as Your Traitor, and I’m going to re-read The Lorax . . . .

What’s on yours?