My daughter captured some artsy pics from our beautiful Fall weekend, can you guess where we were? I’ll give you three visual hints:



GiantsRidge3Those clues weren’t all that helpful, I suppose, so how about these souvenirs and brand sighting?

GiantsRidgeHatsBut, what brand sighting is this really, are there actually two here, one overlaid on the other?

And, are our hats about to become limited edition collectors items, given these preexisting ones?

MillerHighLifeMillerHighLifeHatAlthough I couldn’t locate any non-verbal, non-traditional trademark registrations for the design carrying the words Miller High Life, the entire composite is registered for beer. A search of federal trademark applications and registrations owned by MillerCoors surprisingly shows a pretty small number of non-verbal trademarks, given the size of the portfolio. There is this one though, but I think you may need to click on this link to know what brand typically appears inside of it:


If you had to choose, which non-verbal design would you consider more unique, distinctive, and worth protecting? The pictures above provide my answer, what’s yours?