RapalaDontTextandFishSorry for my delay in reporting Rapala’s annual billboard campaign, which began about a month ago, right around the fishing opener, more on my delay later.

As you can see, it reads more like a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement than past billboards, playing on the serious problem of texting while driving.

Anglers probably handle their cell phones more now than ever before while fishing, otherwise how would they capture notable moments for social media bragging rights?

Hopefully the humor in this Rapala ad won’t dilute the effectiveness of the many other ad campaigns designed to curb the dangerous activity of texting while driving a motor vehicle.

How would you assess this Rapala campaign?

  • James Mahoney

    Another thumbs-up for Rapala. Nice tongue-in-cheek adaptation of a PSA, and in effect, reinforcing that driving safety message. I’ll bet a pair of Bruins tickets that no one who sees that ad wouldn’t automatically think of the texting and driving message.

    And it’s a genuine admonishment, too. How’d you feel if you were busy texting and missed that fleeting opportunity to finally set the hook on Old Whopper?

    I won’t be surprised if “Don’t text and [fill in the blank]” starts cropping up more and more, similar to the way that the New York campaign spawned “I [heart] [practically anything you can think of]” derivations.