Wow, words don’t and could never describe the emotions behind the last ten second fourth-quarter TD and Vikings win over the New Orleans Saints — Who Dat Nation — last night in Minneapolis:

Hat tip on the title, to a lubricated fan leaving U.S. Bank Stadium after the game — the whole Dilly Dilly thing seems kind of silly, but it’s fun to say, thanks Anheuser-Busch and Wieden+Kennedy:

The Dilly Dilly marketing phrase has gone viral and taken on meme status, so beyond the intent-to-use filing by Anheuser-Busch, many third party trademark filings are piling on, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the Vikings are one step closer to Super Bowl LII . . . .

  • James Mahoney

    Two words: Patriots/Vikings.

    If that comes to pass, my frigid friends, pass out the Minneapolis cryin’ towels. ;-)

    And BTW, dilly-dilly ranks right up there on my list of “hope to never hear such drivel again.” It’s the poor man’s whazzz-uupppp, which was surprisingly meme-worthy. DD is a bald-faced attempt to buy a viral, though I suppose it resonates with folks who think Bud Light is actually beer (no matter how hard Ms. Engel tries to disabuse them of that notion).

    • stevebaird

      James, would love to see the match up you described!