If you’ve paid attention to any billboards in the Twin Cities over the last year or so, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t discussed this one yet, knowing my passion for billboard ads:

The Kris Lindahl billboard ads — especially this one —  are hard to ignore. They are almost as ubiquitous as a certain iPhone Xs ad. Plus, this one strikes a pretty distinctive wingspan pose.

Apparently there is an art or science behind poses for real estate agents, but as far as I can tell from a Google search, none appear to cry out “wingspan” like Kris’ does, so is the pose ownable?

Seems pretty clear from how his name is used as a mark on this billboard that Mr. Lindahl’s eponymous Lindahl Realty firm is on the way to registering his personal name as a service mark.

While it isn’t always a cake walk, in obtaining federally-registered service mark rights in a personal name, what I’d really like to see Mr. Lindahl attempt next is registration of his wingspan pose.

What would you rate his chances, putting aside whether you like the above billboard ad or not?

  • James Mahoney

    Well, he might take a flyer on SMing the pose, but why? Seems to me that the only “benefit” to doing so would be simple bragging rights: “I’m so successful (sub-text: and you will be, too, if you hire me) that even my name and armpits are federally protected!”

    So how’s he going to protect the mark? Will he be wasting his time measuring the angle of a competitor agent’s upraised arms? Will a competitor agent who signals “Touchdown” be in violation of Lindahl’s wingman pose? Would it be possible for a one-arm agent to impinge on the SM? Would a wingwoman pose be impingement, since the SM would be for wingman pose?

    Would the time, effort and investment by Lindhahl be better spent by buying every billboard on the Skyway and populating them with the exact same imagery?

    • stevebaird

      James, I see where you’re headed, you must be a student of Apple’s Xs campaign:)