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Registration of a Very Personal Brand Name

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How much do I believe in federal registration of trademarks and brand names? Well, this much: I’ve always been a big fan of practicing what you preach. Actually walking the talk. Not just talk. That mindset helps explain why we stuck with the suggestive name of this blog, even after the experts recommended against it several times, for SEO and… Continue Reading

Personal Brand: Beware of what Facebook is doing

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– Aaron Keller, Managing Principal, Capsule There was a time, back in the day, when you could just “Google” yourself and that was the best way to assess the value of your personal brand. Simple quantifiable way to see how many mentions you had on Google’s interwebs (the reference is intentional). And, you could dig… Continue Reading

Tebow Rising? Still?

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Some of you may remember that I recently authored a post calling Tim Tebow a Garbage Pail Kid.  The thesis of my post was that in the world of personal branding, Tim Tebow was significantly closer to a fad than an enduring symbol likely to yield dividends from significant endorsement investments. After Tebow’s miraculous (lucky) playoff win… Continue Reading

The ‘Sheen’ is off Charlie

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—Randall Hull, The Br@nd Ranch® Charlie Sheen, aka “F-18”, “Warlock”, “Torpedo of Truth” — oh please — is instructive to anyone pondering the vicissitudes of brands, particularly celebrities as brands. Unless you have been off planet Earth for the last year, you have surely watched the not-so-slow train wreck called Charlie Sheen. Once a $1.8… Continue Reading

Tiger’s Personal Brand of Apology?

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Putting aside the questions of whether Tiger Woods needed to or should have made a public apology, the timing of it, and even the content of it, now that Brand Tiger made the decision to do so and did so last Friday, I’m interested more with how Tiger conveyed it and the likely impact it will have on his personal… Continue Reading

The Roar of Tiger Woods in Branding

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The impact of the Tiger Woods scandal in branding can be viewed from two different perspectives. The first perspective comes from the point of view of the companies that paid Woods to endorse their products. The second perspective is how the personal brand of Tiger Woods will be impacted as the smoke clears from this… Continue Reading

Don’t Expect This to Have Tiger by the Tail…

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  Tiger Woods’ scandal proves once again that celebrity gossip mongering is a blood sport. The bigger the celebrity, the more the blood will flow. In Tiger’s case, he can open up a blood bank. Though it’s unlikely to reach the insanity that was unleashed when Michael Jackson died last summer, it will take the… Continue Reading

Hide in Plain Sight: Using Social Networking Tools to Protect Your Personal Brand

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I just did a Google search of myself. Save one entry, the entire first page of results, including my website, blog, LinkedIn profile, FaceBook page and other information was content created and controlled by me. Had you done that search before I set up various social networking pages a year ago, you would have found… Continue Reading