Some commands support trademark ownership (Just Do It), and others don’t.

As you know, I’m not a fan of the USPTO’s trend toward informational refusals, especially when the “evidence” more supports a mere descriptiveness refusal.

Having said that, this RENT ME informational command screams incapable:

Rent Me caught my eye, because bigger words don’t always make it a trademark:

This Rent Me command is informational, incapable, and not ownable as a mark.

OK, then how can this registration be explained without a disclaimer of Rent Me!?

Another quick USPTO examination, another time, or something else less visible?

What is visible is that Yolo Board hasn’t registered You Only Live Once, by itself.

Its only registration containing You Only Live Once is tied to the YOLO brand name, despite the above physically separate uses on the paddle boards.

I get tethering a leash to your board, why tether a tagline to your brand name?

It may not be a formal commandment or trademark gospel, but it’s probably best to register your tagline untethered too, if possible, and there’s nothing blocking it.