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Who Needs Hostess Anyway?

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When you can have Little Debbie snack cakes instead: Actually, recent news reports indicate that Little Debbie soon will be facing competition again from the new owner purchasing the Hostess brands in bankruptcy for $ 410 million. With all the talk about Oz the Great and Powerful, I can’t help singing: “Ding dong, the Hostess… Continue Reading

Trademark Licensee’s Rights Remain Unsettled When Licensor Files Bankruptcy

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– Chris Camardello, Bankruptcy Attorney Those who license the right to use another’s brand need to pay more attention to the resulting risks when the brand owner files bankruptcy, given the uncertainty resulting from some recent legal developments.  And those interested in purchasing brands in bankruptcy should sit up straight and pay special attention too…. Continue Reading

Will Consumers See Through Invisible Branding?

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Last week, Jack Ellis of World Trademark Review, did a very interesting piece on something called “invisible branding”: “Trademark-free marketing: should other companies follow Ford?” In it, Ellis explores Ford Motor Company’s recent decision to utilize no trademark or brand references in Ford’s “Go Further” advertising campaign. It is interesting timing for Ford to go stealth without its… Continue Reading

Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad

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Absorbing all the television commercials in between football action on the field can be as much fun on Super Bowl Sunday as the actual game itself, at least for trademark and marketing types, especially when your favorite team isn’t even on the field. One of my personal favorites from this past weekend’s Super Bowl XLVI was the… Continue Reading

Who Owns a Trademark Worth $19 Million?

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— Karen Brennan, Attorney   If you have been following the bankruptcy of the Tavern on the Green, you have most likely heard about the controversy surrounding the famous trademark. There are a few parties claiming ownership of the Tavern on the Green trademark, recently appraised at $19 million according to the New York Times. The… Continue Reading

Bankruptcy as a Branding Tool?

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–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney I came across an interesting article in Yahoo!® Finance the other day, which gave a little bit of insight into the financial woes of some famous brand-names currently in bankruptcy. The article itself consists largely of straightforward facts and figures about these companies, but it raises a couple of interesting points about the… Continue Reading

Still More on Polaroid: The Call For An Intellectual Property Genius!

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Jennifer Bjorhus of the Star Tribune continues her close coverage of the Polaroid bankruptcy saga. For prior Polaroid posts, see here and here. In her latest report, here, the Court appointed receiver in the Polaroid bankruptcy, Doug Kelley, is quoted as saying “It will take an intellectual property genius to tell us whether the rights go along [with… Continue Reading