copyright infringement

-Wes Anderson, Attorney

It has been a tumultuous year for copyright owners. The old cliche is “if you love something, set it free,” but it seems plenty of third parties are happy to take on that task when it comes to copyrighted content.

Now that mainstream smartphones allow anyone to capture high definition video, mobile 

Debbie Laskey, MBA

Have you ever spent hours working on a document for work? That’s a silly question because most of us who recognize Microsoft software and SlideShare have spent countless hours working on executive briefs, lengthy project reports, presentation decks, and much, much more.

Normally, we give our work product to our

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney

Earlier this spring, I discussed copyright liability for Pinterest users, anticipating that the debate would continue into the summer. But concerns over pinning copyrighted material has petered out faster than the public’s interest in Tom Cruise, and after attending a fantastic Social Media and Law panel discussion on Tuesday, I’m wondering

—Joy Newborg, Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

What if a car thief stood before a judge and said, “Yes, I know I’ve stolen thousands of cars and broke the law, and I’m ready to make some reparations to the owners. But I think you should grant me permission to take all the cars I want in