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TM/MC: A New IP Notice Symbol?

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My daughter’s strong interest in fashion, arts, crafts, and sewing has me wandering the aisles of places like Joann Fabrics and Michaels with increasing frequency. Since my primary contribution to these adventures is in the to-and-from, and, I suppose, at the check-out counter, I find myself with eyes wide open, being exposed to a variety of brands very new… Continue Reading

Yes, you can still wipe your Pierrade with Sopalin without risking trademark genericide (in France, that is)

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– Marie-Gwénaëlle Chuit As Steve frequently points out on this blog, trying to turn your trademark into a reference might lead to genericide, thus trademark owners should be very careful when walking this narrow line. The French IP law (CPI) demands that a trademark be distinctive to be considered valid (L.711.2 CPI), and that owners… Continue Reading