Now that Super Bowl XLIX is in the rear view mirror, and the New England Patriots have been duly congratulated for winning anything but a Mediocre Bowl, for those of us with no pigskin in the big game this year, it’s time to think about the possible magic of Super Bowl L.

Wait what?

Simon Bennett, partner and Rachel Cook, associate Fox Williams LLP

Global entertainment giant Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation recently lost its case against Comic Enterprises Limited, a UK company that runs several live entertainment venues in the UK, in what has been billed as a modern day David vs. Goliath. The subject of the dispute:

What do Glee, The X-Files, and Kiss have in common? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not kick-ass guitar riffs augmented by over-the-top pyrotechnics (as if there is such a thing as “over-the-top” pyrotechnics – unless you’re Great White). It’s also not that David Duchovny is a huge fan of all three. Give-up? Okay. All three have readily