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“Brother Thelonious” Monk’s Likeness Protectable Decades After Death

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Earlier this month, a California federal judge kept alive a suit brought by the estate of famous jazz musician Thelonious Monk against North Coast Brewing Co. for trademark infringement and infringement of the right of publicity. The dispute centers around North Coast’s popular “Brother Thelonious” Beligan-style abbey ale (beer seems to be on the mind here… Continue Reading

What’s In A Name? Sometimes Good, Sometimes Bad, Sometimes Ugly

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A local controversy has recently appeared over the name of one of Minneapolis’s local lakes – Lake Calhoun.  Apparently, this lake was named after John C. Calhoun who, as secretary of war, established Fort Snelling in Minnesota. According to John Winters, a “local civil war history buff,” Mr. Calhoun held pro-slavery views during the early 1800’s. As… Continue Reading

Does Opinion Predict Behavior?

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— David Canaan, Laurel Group, Brand Development Advisors Early in my graphic design career I watched my first focus group as twelve strangers evaluated three logo candidates for a popular savings and loan. It was an eye-opening experience to sit behind a one-way mirror and hear a participant sourly exclaim, “It looks like G–damn world… Continue Reading