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Update: PayPal v. Pandora Settlement

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Last year I posted about the trademark infringement complaint by PayPal against Pandora, based on Pandora’s rebranded “P” logo that was introduced in October 2016.  See a comparison below of PayPal’s blue “PP” design mark (left) with Pandora’s blue “P” design mark (right). Last November, the parties reached a written settlement agreement and stipulated to… Continue Reading

Star Wars: The Missing Fanfare

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-Wes Anderson, Attorney A bit belated, but I finally caught a screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Unbeknownst to me, the film was missing a part of the Star Wars experience many fans hold dear. And it’s all about branding. Note: No spoilers of the film itself follow here, unless you consider a discussion of the… Continue Reading

The “Welcome to the D” Defense

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– Draeke Weseman, Weseman Law Office, PLLC Musicians love their trademarks. Whether its Taylor Swift, applying to register everything imaginable in connection with her album “1989,” or Lionel Richie, wondering about Adele’s use of the word “Hello,” musicians seem delighted by the prospects of owning the English language. Mark Kassa is one such grocer musician…. Continue Reading

Top-Level Domain Names as Trademarks

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–Dan Kelly, Attorney The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board recently issued a precedential decision upholding the Trademark Office’s refusal to register five applications for the mark .MUSIC in connection with a variety of goods and services, holding that .MUSIC is merely descriptive of the goods and services.  A PDF copy of the decision is here.  A company… Continue Reading

Branding in Pop Culture: How Brands Avoid Negative Associations

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—by David Mitchel, Vice President of Marketing at Norton Mitchel Marketing Branding is an intricate and complicated process. Every aspect of the marketing mix must be handled with care. Brand managers watch their brands in the same manner that most parents care for a newborn child. However, there is an element of marketing communications that… Continue Reading

A Plural New Year’s Resolution For ESPN

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Apparently I’m rapidly fading from ESPN’s target demographic. This became painfully clear to me over the holiday season, with ESPN’s Bowl Week promotion, featuring Atlantic’s hip-hop artist B.O.B. performing "I Am The Champion": It’s not that ESPN is promoting an up and coming rapper, I understand that marketing decision. It’s the title and lyrics of the selection —… Continue Reading