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M Means: Mystery or Multitude?

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Welcome to another addition of AlphaWatch: What do you suppose the “M” is supposed to mean in M Burger? Looks like a mystery to me, based on the lack of any brand “story” on the website. Perhaps “M” stands for the “multitude” of unrelated third parties providing restaurant services that use single letter “M” branding?

Visa Branding: A Combined Alpha & Brand Verbing Alert

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We have been following the truncation trend to single-letter branding symbols for some time now. Visa appears to be heading in this direction with the relatively new V logo:                                                                              Based on trademark filings at the USPTO, it appears Visa began using this single-letter V logo by itself back in 2008 with the launch of a… Continue Reading

What is G?

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Welcome to another edition of AlphaWatch. In addition to the prominent use of capital letter G on the front of these energy drink cans, the last line on them reads: "IT’S GAZZU!! HEY, GIMME A G."  I thought that Gatorade’s "What is G?" question already had been answered here?

Sed Quid in Infernos Dicet?

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–Dan Kelly, Attorney It has been some time since we have visited AlphaWatch, and today we turn our attention to an ad I spied on ESPN’s website this week: This takes me back to law school and a Latin phrase common in legal parlance, res ipsa loquitur, which is commonly translated, “the thing speaks for itself.” … Continue Reading

Taking Branding Cues from Q in the Single-Letter Trademark Queue

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Welcome to another edition of AlphaWatch (the next one in our queue), where we explore the reach of single-letter trademarks, this time focusing on the letter Q and the single-letter branding cues it might suggest to consumers: Are you able to name the un-truncated version of this single-letter mark and brand? My daughter could. The answer is… Continue Reading

What’s G? For Gatorade, G is Gruesome

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Gatorade’s efforts to re-brand as “G” have been a dismal failure. It seems as if the brand management staff at Gatorade consumed a few too many cold beverages while making this decision, and I’m not referring to refrigerated Gatorades. The history of the G re-brand has its roots in 2007. Unit sales were flat in… Continue Reading

Serving Up More Alphabet Soup at W’s XYZ?

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  One of Minneapolis’ most recent hotel additions, Aloft Hotel, branded as a "hip" hotel and a "vision" of Starwood’s W, apparently features the WXYZ Bar. Or is it XYZ? I’m not sure, and I’m not sure if Starwood or W have made up their minds yet either (as there appears to be different font, size, and spacing between the W and the lower case… Continue Reading

Alpha Watch: Li’l “a” Goes to the “e” Market

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The single-letter branding and trademark truncation trend continues. Can you name the retailer selling online gift cards sent by e-mail, using no other identification besides the li’l "a" shown here? Does this li’l "a" logo with a radish inside help? How about these, do they help?   Well, just so you know, it’s not this retailer: 

Branding Letter “G” — Will Lightning Strike or Will Thunder Be Stolen?

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The makers of Gatorade® apparently like to engage consumers by asking questions. They used to ask, “Is it in You?” The “it” being Gatorade®, of course. Most recently, Gatorade® has embarked on a massive teaser ad campaign — apparently to re-brand Gatorade® — asking, “What is G?” — a question that begs answering in the mysterious… Continue Reading