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Rapala’s 2018 Fishing Opener Billboard Ads

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What would Mother’s Day be, at least in Minnesota, without the fishing opener near by? What would another fishing opener be without Rapala’s distinctive slate of billboard ads? Here is an engaging pair of billboard ads currently running, if you’ve seen others, let us know: My personal favorite between them would be Wassup, dock? — love the double… Continue Reading

Villainous Big Brands

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– Chuck Sanchez, BatesMeron Sweet Design  Comcast. Electronic Arts. AT&T. Walmart. Dell. Time Warner. Fox News. McDonald’s. Chances are, at least one of those company names kind of pissed you off just now. Despite this likelihood, each of these brands is immediately recognizable due to widespread financial success in its respective industry. So must a… Continue Reading

The New Big Brother: The Copyright Alert System

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– Jake Sherlock, Law Student, William Mitchell College of Law Move over NSA, there’s a new Big Brother in town! As you are almost certainly not aware, the Copyright Alert System was implemented on February 25, 2013. The CAS is the result of an agreement between the Copyright Industry (particularly the MPAA and the RIAA)… Continue Reading