We are humbled to share some more exciting news with you.

Invesp’s list of the Top 100 Branding Blogs includes DuetsBlog, here. Thank you very much!

OnlineDegree Blog has named the 50 Best Blogs for Creative Thinking, and ranked DuetsBlog as #10 on the list. Many thanks for the kind words and the strong vote of confidence!

As we have said before, when briefly pausing to gaze at our collective navel, none of this attention or success would be possible without the generous contributions from our amazing panel of talented Guest Bloggers (offering more than sixty some posts since March 2009) and our smart and engaging readers who routinely share their insights and comments to keep the conversation and dialog going between legal and marketing types. Many thanks!

A very special thanks to our repeat Guest Bloggers Aaron Keller (7), David Mitchel (7), Jason Voiovich (6), Mark Prus (5), Randall Hull (4), Nancy Friedman (3), Jack Cuffari (3), Anthony Shore (2), Jorg Pierach (2), John Reinan (2), Ted Risdall (2), and David Cameron (2).

We fully recognize these repeat guest appearances don’t carry the same weight or authority as repeat guest appearances on Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman, or Conan O’Brien, much less the stature or competitiveness associated with repeat guest host appearances on SNL, so a hearty thanks is the best we can do.