–Dan Kelly, Attorney

Continuing on my previous comments that the entity(-ies) responsible for the Droid phone (i.e. Verizorolagoogasfilm, or whatever the consortium of Verizon, Motorola, Google, and Lucasfilm is going by these days) are not necessarily following the “don’t be evil” motto, the billboard below, found along a very busy interstate, strikes me as poorly placed:

Perhaps I’m overly sensitive, having heard chilling accounts of individuals killed by drivers distracted by cell phones and related devices, but this billboard seems to suggest that downloading or using apps on a Droid is a way to pass time on a commute.  Of course, the billboard is probably intended to make a suggestive connection to commuting drivers about the sheer quantity of apps available for the Droid, but it is important to account for all of the suggestions that an ad may make–good and bad.