Seeing this Cartridge World vehicle bumper led me to wonder, is it possible to save anything big besides money? And, not to worry, I didn’t snap the photo, I was doing the driving.

The website doesn’t seem to offer any help answering my question.

According to a more complete Cartridge World slogan, what ever it is you save, when you save big, you can print happy: Save Big Print Happy. Their online savings calculator is a little more direct in letting you know what you can save big, if you do business with them.

Apparently another in the computer printer ink and toner business similarly sees great value in promoting how one can save money with them: Ink & Toner USA Save Big Bucks

But, around here, in these parts, and for those of you who are familiar with radio and television, and with the Menards home improvement retail store chain, based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, I suspect you might encounter "Save Big" and be thinking "Save Big Money," i.e., "Save Big Money at Menards." It’s pretty hard to get that well-known, if not famous trademark jingle out of your head.

See Exhibit A on YouTube. Wisconsinology Blog has some more information on Menards’ legendary jingle too.

Yeah, I don’t know, not sure if you can buy ink toner cartridges at Menards.