Last year at FUSE 2014, I spoke about “The Intersection of Brands, Design, and the Law,” this year — and a short ten days from now — I’ll be sharing some valuable thoughts about how to gracefully navigate the many legal pitfalls of naming and re-branding projects.

FUSE — one of the premier brand and design conferences — has brought together another all-star cast of speakers for 2015.

We’re especially looking forward to hearing from Eric Quint, Chief Design Officer of 3M, Peter Borowski, Head of Design for Kraft, and Steven Overman, Kodak’s newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer.

One of my goals in presenting “Back to (Trademark) School for Designers and Branding Professionals,” will be to empower attendees to avoid shooting their clients in their metaphorical feet by unwittingly undermining the ability to own what they create for their clients.

I’ll also seek to help attendees understand the proper balance and the line to avoid crossing in trademark and brand protection and enforcement matters, to avoid the inevitable media shaming and loud allegations of “trademark bullying” when the line has been crossed.

Let us know if you plan to attend, we hope to see you there!

If you are unable to join us, then at least follow Capsule’s coverage of this fantastic event.