Brent Carlson-Lee

Trucking and delivery companies have some of the most entertaining slogans out there. Next time you’re on an interstate road trip, keep your eye on semis as you pass them, and you’ll be entertained…if your sense of humor is as dry as mine.

While I am committed to DuetsBlog, I have chosen not to put my life, or the lives of others, in jeopardy for the sake of a post. But occasionally, I can safely snap a photo or two.

Check this out.
















You’d probably expect some puffery like “World’s Greatest Coffee.” Or maybe a cheesy pun like “Our coffee gets you through the morning grind.” But no. None of that.













“Consistently good!” That’s it.

I like it. It’s meaningful. And I believe it. Those more interested in jargon than I may call it “authentic.”

So thumbs up to Farmers Brothers Coffee. But I must say, they should rethink a slogan on their website: “We don’t just deliver product; we deliver success.”