This Friday, yours truly will be presenting “Making Your Business Blogging Visible” at SME (Sales and Marketing Executives of Minnesota), and you can learn about all of the details here.

Given the title, as you might have guessed, I’ll be sharing some perspectives on how DuetsBlog came to be, where we’ve been, how we’ve been doing what we do, and where we’re headed.

As you well know, we’re passionate about bringing lawyers and marketers together, much earlier in the creative process, and in the process we’ve shined a spotlight on the infamous Dr. No.

If you have been here from the beginning or if you have been curious enough to check out our inaugural post on March 5, 2009, you know that we believed our audience to be two-part:

“If you are a lawyer and you find yourself getting in the way more than facilitating the process, you need a regular dose of Duets Blog. If you have no formal legal training and your intellectual property lawyer prefers roadblocks over intelligent collaboration, join our conversation on Duets Blog.”

Nowadays, following my recent and invaluable work in Seth Godin’s altMBA workshop, I’m thinking it might make sense to reframe “who this is for” in this way:

“People who love brands that need intellectual property lawyers, whether they know it or not.”

While on this amazing journey of more than 2,200 blog posts (roughly 1/3 are from me), we’ve grown, evolved, and we’ve shared scores of guest posts from dozens of non-lawyer guest bloggers.

We’ve also enjoyed getting to know you, and we’ve enjoyed your countless published comments, your perspectives and blog ideas, and all of our amazing off-line conversations and friendships.

Although we haven’t yet reached the remarkable goal of 7,000 blog posts (like the one who is admired), each one of us has enrolled for this work and each one of us lives by this sage guidance:

“I write every word. I don’t understand outsourcing something this personal, a privilege this important.”

Here’s a question, is it really a blog post, if the person’s name next to the title is not the actual, the real author? Blogging is really personal, even if individuals are writing on a team or group blog.

As I mentioned in the promotional video for this Friday’s SME luncheon event, “I’m looking forward to meeting you, this is a dialogue you will not want to miss, see you soon!”

UPDATE: Use promo code BAIRD for the bargain SME rate of $39.