As I’ve been known to do long before now, this past weekend I found myself gazing intently, this time, into the front label and back copy on this S. Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water bottle:

Putting aside the question of the shiny red star logo, which we already have bloviated about, here, a few years back — my focus is centered on the surrounding Enhance Your Moments tagline.

No gold star for the brand’s failure to capture federally-registered protection for it, despite the obvious association with SanPellegrino, as shown in results of a simple Google search, here.

Another “no gold star” moment that needs a modicum of enhancement would be the back copy:

Why? As you can see, SanPellegrino has taken a perfectly fine, inherently distinctive, and suggestive trademark, and used it in a sentence (without brand emphasis) in a descriptive sense.

Make sense?

  • I think they’re simply biding their time until their even better tagline comes out: “Optimize in each dimension during your repast.”

    The problem with “enhance your moments” isn’t that it isn’t protected, it’s that it is both banal and useless at the same time. Who aspires to enhance their moments?

    • stevebaird

      Seth, as always, many thanks for your candid insights and generous sharing.

      The opportunity is priceless to intertwine your expert marketing opinion here.

      So, I think what you’re saying is that Pellegrino is riding on “the wrong bus” with this pointless tagline — perhaps we are too, in not questioning that piece of it:)