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“Brother Thelonious” Monk’s Likeness Protectable Decades After Death

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Earlier this month, a California federal judge kept alive a suit brought by the estate of famous jazz musician Thelonious Monk against North Coast Brewing Co. for trademark infringement and infringement of the right of publicity. The dispute centers around North Coast’s popular “Brother Thelonious” Beligan-style abbey ale (beer seems to be on the mind here… Continue Reading

Personal Branding with the Right to be Forgotten

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Everyone has a brand.  Through every interaction and impression we leave in the minds of others, each of us builds on our own personal brand.  In the Internet age, and particularly with the advent of social media, our personal brands are more definable than ever.  Googling anyone but the most stalwart off-the-grid enthusiast will usually… Continue Reading

Eureka! There’s Gold In Them Thar Web sites

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A few of my past posts have discussed the growing use of social media Web sites and why companies should consider joining the conversation. Whether that is through an existing social media Web site like Facebook or creating a social media Web site, this marketing technique provides a company with greater access to its customers including… Continue Reading

Really, Facebook? Really?

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Hot on the heels of Dan Kelly’s prediction of the eventual fall of social networking sites, it seems that Facebook has embroiled itself in another controversy.  The upshot of the most recent story is that Facebook is essentially using its power of cyber eminent domain to sieze and use photos posted by users for advertisements… Continue Reading