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Is a Wellness Brand Vaped by Nicotine?

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Juut, an award-winning salon and spa founded in Minneapolis, has grown over the last 30 years, expanding into Arizona and California, with a focus not only on beauty, but health and wellness. Juut was founded by David Wagner (author of Life as a Daymaker — How to Change the World by Making Someone’s Day), naturally the Juut name means: “to uplift humanity… Continue Reading

Owning the Visual Identity of a Generic Word

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Unless you have created a highly stylized, distinctive, graphic representation of a generic designation, perhaps something like the Miller Lite script, don’t bother trying to own or enforce it:   Most likely, you’ll end up regretting the decision to enforce, when the court of public opinion weighs in, after the social media shame-wagon flogs it… Continue Reading

Armstrong Lanced from Livestrong Identity

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Brand New Blog recently reported on the unfortunate, but unsurprising piercing of Lance Armstrong’s name from the logo and visual identity of the Livestrong Foundation: It is no longer about the man, but the mission — still a laudable one: For more on the fall of Lance Armstrong and his once unstoppable personal brand, see Brent’s… Continue Reading

When is a ballpark frank a ball park BRAND frank?

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Do you suppose the author of this article knows that Ball Park is a federally-registered brand name and trademark, not an unprotectable generic term synonymous with hot dogs and frankfurters? The growing prevalence of lower-case brand styles and visual identity has complicated the answer to this question a bit, I suspect. Nevertheless, we should probably chalk up another example for… Continue Reading

Incongruity in Advertising?

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My post from a couple of days ago, commenting on Chick-fil-A’s EAT MOR CHIKIN slogan and the associated Cow Campaign and advertisements, neglected to discuss an issue — one so important — that I’m compelled to raise it now, as it appears to have disturbed my otherwise healthy cognitive system. It has disturbed me as much as one of my amphibian-loving sons was… Continue Reading

i am ben

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The ben of today’s post is not one of the many celebrities having the name, a truncated version of any number of other product and service brands, such as Bengay, Ben & Jerry’s, Ben Franklin, Benihana, or even dear old Uncle Ben. Today we’re talking paint, and this paint brand has at least two things going on here:… Continue Reading

lower case branding & visual identity

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Just so you know, it about pushed me over the edge to have a blog post title with no capitalization. Not even one letter. In other words, all minuscules, no majuscules. It doesn’t seem right — to me anyway, as a trademark type. Just like the first letter in the first word of a sentence must be a… Continue Reading

A Red (& White) Letter Day for Branding

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We’ve noticed and commented on a variety of branding techniques and trends over the past couple of years: Less formal brand names; Single letter brands; Non-verbal logos; Verbing of brands; Dan saw lots of blue ovals; Question mark brands; Touchmarks; Emoticon brands and trademarks; Single color brands; Lightning bolt branding; My branding; and Back to the basics branding…. Continue Reading

Essential Spacing: Night & Day Commercial Impressions

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Millimeters apart on the label, miles apart in meaning. Yes, a few extra millimeters of blank space can make all the difference in the world for some brands. Especially when the brand name consists of two words, and the typical visual treatment has all letters appearing in identical size and style (all caps), and when compressing the words yields an unintended,… Continue Reading

FOREBRANDING‚Ñ¢: The Role of Internal Congruence and Culture

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It’s a dilemma: the economy is in the toilet, panic sets in, and long–range planning gives way to short-term thinking. It’s completely rational and logical, of course, and that just makes it worse. Now managers who should really know better are merely looking to the end of the quarter – or next quarter at best… Continue Reading