Aaron Keller, Principal, Capsule

We partook in the sharing and enjoyed the conversations.

The FUSE Conference, is not about splintering. It also isn’t about specialization or close-minded thinking. FUSE is about the disciplines of design, marketing, brand and research being brought together in a way that makes for a more engaged consumer, audience or customer. We partook in this fusion of ideas, conversations and felt right at home with the idea. Capsule was framed this way since our inception, hence we believe in Duets and the understanding around creativity and the law. This conference was like wading into a warm familiar body of water, something we know as well as Mr. Baird knows his hot tub. Our participation was both physical and digital, we wrote for their blog, tweeted and met with friends, colleagues and potential clients.

You can enjoy the topics discussed on their blog post or Twitter feed (#FuseDesign), even after the event. The posts are a great way to catch up on a world that took place while you had your nose deep into other work. You’ll find some interesting perspectives and perhaps some thoughts you’ve heard before. On a whole, you’ll get a feel for the energy around a conference like FUSE.

So what? Who doesn’t want a better designed world? This may be true, but we wonder how many people are changing behaviors in this direction. For instance, if you’re an IP lawyer, have you ever considered attending the FUSE Conference? We would suggest anyone in the practice of protecting original content (read Intellectual Property) spend some time with those who create it. The FUSE Conference is a high-level blend of people who design content for clients. We believe you’ll walk away inspired, at a minimum, and highly connected with people creating tomorrows design content on the maximum side.

We would like to reach out to those thinkers who believe in the idea behind FUSE and ask them to connect with Capsule. We enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals and find the digital mediums are great to start a conversation that will eventually result in a handshake and eye-to-eye conversation. Reach out to us and we’ll share more about FUSE and the effort we made to digitize a conference experience through the social tools available to us. If it takes you a few minutes to craft a sentence, this digitizing approach to a conference isn’t for you. But, the conference itself is.

Thank you to Mr. Baird and the firm of Winthrop & Weinstine for promoting the fusion of creativity and the law. We believe in it. We live it.