Last week I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a ninety-minute webinar with my good friend, frequent and eloquent guest-blogger on DuetsBlog — Aaron Keller of Capsule — complete with some friendly banter on the following: "Hot Marketing Topics with Trademark and Legal Implications."

Minnesota Continuing Legal Education has generously provided a link where the webinar can be viewed in its entirety, here.

As you’ll see, we covered the following topics of interest:

  1. The Importance of Early Collaboration Between Legal and Marketing Types;
  2. The Trend Toward Lower Case Branding & Visual Identity;
  3. The Trend Toward Brandverbing and Use of Trademarks as Verbs;
  4. The Creation of Non-Traditional TrademarksLook-For Advertising; and
  5. The Debate of Form v. Function: Don’t Kill the Trademark.

Any other topics you’d like covered next time? Your comments and suggestions are welcome.