Passing by a roadside billboard recently (below is a miniature version I found in the Minneapolis skyway system), my first thought was, wow, McDonald’s is getting into the juicy lucy business:

Until more focus revealed that State Farm Insurance is the one behind the ad. Look familiar?

No doubt burgers and car insurance are

—Laura Toledo, Account & Marketing Manager at Tenrec

I grew up in a very small town (graduated with less than 40 kids). Our class’s makeup consisted of maybe 15 girls and all the rest boys. We had a love-hate relationship (mostly hate). When the girls decided we wanted something, the boys would always out-vote us

How many think of Home Depot when the generic and industry category words “Home Improvement” appear in the color orange? I do, that’s why I snapped this photo of signage on a local strip mall the other day.

Apparently, there used to be a business in Champlin, Minnesota called “Wholesale Home Improvement Center” — nice

–Susan Perera, Attorney

Last year I had a running discussion on color trademarks.  I blogged about the issues surrounding the protection of a color as a non-traditional trademark, the impact of industries clustering around a particular color, and the concern that functionality may impede protection of a color trademark.  Need a refresher? Check here,