• Randall Hull

    As others have stated, it is a matter of time and exposure in the marketplace to build the equity and recognition of the new form. After all, there was a time that the Nike swoosh was always accompanied by the name. Starbucks decision makes sense in light of their expansion strategy to countries that do not use Roman characters. A symbol that needs no translation is what branding types, like me, aspire to create for our customers.

  • Wayne Rowe

    They all belong – Starbucks icon can and does stand on its own. To think otherwise is very short sighted.

  • My question is in the present tense, and I left open the possibility that Starbucks may join the ranks of the other wordless logos depicted at some point in the future, but I’ll have to say, I remain skeptical it will achieve the same level of recognition standing alone. We’ll see.
    Randall and Wayne, thanks for dropping by and offering your perspectives!

  • I like how you visually present your argument. I think we’ll see if Starbucks joins the ranks of the other identities.

  • I agree with Stephen’s comments, the Starbucks logo doesn’t belong with the other non-verbal ones.

  • It would make more sense to link the United Way logo to unitedway.org rather than unitedway.com, since it’s a nonprofit organization. The address you used seems to redirect to the Canadian organization at unitedway.ca.